Citadines Flatiron Phnom Penh Cambodia An Associate Resort

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Offering a sublime experience and world-class leisure, Citadines Flatiron Phnom Penh is an associate Club Mahindra Property, set in Cambodia. The strategic location makes it a perfect place for a family holiday. The resort boasts a host of activities and facilities ensuring every day spent here has something exciting to look forward to. From tasteful restaurants and rooms to a large swimming pool, and spa & sauna, the property’s endeavour is to bring you an experience of a lifetime.


Amok (Coconut fish curry)

Cambodia’s melt in the mouth national dish is a fragrant and spicy coconut fish curry tenderly steamed in banana leaves. Kroeung, a blended spice paste is also added to the dish. Snails chicken and tofu, can be used as a substitute for the fish.

Kuy teav (Noodle soup)

A popular breakfast dish, it is a noodle soup, usually prepared from rice vermicelli, pork bones and beef. The broth is flavored with green onion, garlic, fried shallots and bean sprouts. Pork or beef balls are then added just before serving.

Khmer New Year

Celebrated on April 13 or 14 each year, Khmer New Year, is a three-day affair that traditionally marks the end of the harvest season and is Cambodia's single most important holiday. Observed amidst lots of gaiety and fan-fare this festival is celebrated w

Wat Phnom

Built in 1372, the temple of Wat Phnom stands on the only hill in Phnom Penh, which lent the the Cambodian capital its name. According to legend, the temple was originally built to house four statues of the Buddha found in a tree.



  • Phnom Penh International Airport

    9.1 Kms


The property has well-appointed rooms, an outdoor pool, and an all-day dining restaurant serving authentic and delicious delicacies. There is also a swimming pool and several other amenities and facilities, which enhance the stay experience.